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Compostability & Biodegradability

At BioLogiQ we support the concept of the Circular Economy and think everyone should do their best to increase recycling rates for all plastics.  At the same time, we support the concept of Sustainable Materials Management (SMM).  We are also realists and know that today only a relatively small portion of all plastics are actually being recycled.

For plastics that do "leak out" of the closed loop recycling system or that are designed so that they are difficult or almost impossible to be recycled, we support the use of biodegradable plastic. BioLogiQ’s NuPlastiQ® BioPolymers is durable and shelf stable. It will not degrade or cause degradation simply because of the presence of oxygen or UV light.


NuPlastiQ is designed to be blended with other resins. We show you how to use NuPlastiQ to help you design plastic products that will biodegrade if they are disposed into an environment that is rich in microorganisms. Blending NuPlastiQ with other biodegradable resins such as PHA, PBAT or PLA will result in plastic products that biodegrade in Industrial Compost conditions that meet ASTM-D-6400 standards. In its pure form, NuPlastiQ will degrade as fast or faster than cellulose or any other kind of bioplastic on the market today. NuPlastiQ has passed ASTM-D6400 testing and is certified by Vincotte to pass the criteria established by EN-13432 for compostability.

One unexpected result of blending NuPlastiQ with conventional non-degradable plastic in a mono-layer film is that the entire plastic product (both the NuPlastiQ and the conventional plastic) will biodegrade if disposed in an environment that is rich in microorganisms. Third-party test results show that 1 mil thick mono-layer films containing between 25 and 40% NuPlastiQ with 60 to 75% polyethylene will biodegrade more than 90% in just under 365 days (1 year) in both aerobic and anaerobic conditions.

Plastic products made with NuPlastiQ can be designed to biodegrade or compost when leaked out of the closed loop recycle system.  NuPlastiQ doesn't require heat, light or oxygen to degrade.




View Test Results


View Test Results



* All tests we performed by independent third-party laboratories.  Copies of the reports are available for review.  These results may not be applied to all products made using NuPlastiQ.

** ASTM-5511 simulates conditions in some landfills with high solids and static (non-mixed) biologically active conditions.