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Compostability & Biodegradability

Products made with BioLogiQ’s NuPlastiQ® are durable and shelf stable. They will not degrade (fragment) or cause degradation simply because of the presence of oxygen or UV light.

BioBlend BC Resins:

NuPlastiQ is designed to be blended with other resins to make a variety of BioBlends. Blending NuPlastiQ with other biodegradable resins such as PBS, PHA, PBAT or PLA will result in BioBlend BC products that biodegrade in Industrial Compost conditions and meet ASTM-D-6400 and EN13432 standards. In its pure form, NuPlastiQ will biodegrade as fast or faster than cellulose or any other kind of bioplastic on the market today. NuPlastiQ and several BioBlend BC resins have passed ASTM-D6400 testing and are certified by Vincotte (new TUV certification) to pass the criteria established by EN13432 for compostability. 



View Test Results


View Test Results

* All tests we performed by independent third-party laboratories.  Copies of the reports are available for review.  These results may not be applied to all products made using NuPlastiQ.


BioBlend MB Resins:

NuPlastiQ GP is certified as ‘OK Biodegradable Marine’ by TUV.  We have also designed some thin films that biodegrade within one year in ocean water when tested according to ASTM-D6691.



View Test Results


View Test Results


BioBlend CB Resins:

We can design custom blends to meet unique requirements for combinations of recyclability and biodegradability in a variety of environments such as ocean, soil, landfill and home compost.



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