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BioLogiQ was founded with the intent of creating a useful plastic from the excess starch created during potato processing, which led to the invention of iQ (NuPlastiQ)® BioPolymers. 

Over the next five years (2011-2016), BioLogiQ focused on developing its unique NuPlastiQ® technology so those plastic manufacturers could use their existing equipment to make a wide variety of sustainable plastic products.

In 2017, several farms, including Wada Farms, launched production programs to sell fresh potatoes in bags made from the company's "Tater Made®" logo that were made from BioLogiQ's NuPlastiQ resin at Wal-Mart supercenters.  

BioLogiQ has grown from a simple concept to a global planet-friendly bioplastics company offering commercial-ready plant-based biopolymer solutions to help build a world free of pollution caused by plastics.

BioLogiQ’s biopolymer resins and solutions are designed to precisely meet the needs of our customers. Our plant-based NuPlastiQ is a planet-friendly additive for use in the production of plastic products that:

  • Provide real sustainability solutions that enhance a brand's value
  • Replace unsustainable fossil-based resins
  • Reduce carbon footprint profile of products
  • Enables the easy addition of bio-content to existing applications
  • Decrease plastic’s environmental persistence through compostability and bioremediation.

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