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Products made with iQ (NuPlastiQ)

PrintPack Logo

Printpack develops innovative packaging solutions that deliver a distinct advantage at the shelf, strengthen brand identity in the minds of consumers and help brand owners optimize speed-to-market strategies. Packaging innovation plays a critical role in influencing the way consumers value, choose, and use products. Learn more at

Kwik Lok Logo

Kwik Lok used NuPlastiQ in its Eco-Lok bag closures. Using a 100% natural, renewably sourced plant-based resin that requires less fuel to manufacture, NuPlastiQ® helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions and overall material use. They are completely interchangeable with our previous closures and compatible with your existing Kwik Lok machinery. Learn more at

Summit Plastics Logo

Summit Plastics is using NuPlastiQ BioBlends XP and XD Resins to produce a variety of more sustainable, polyethylene-based products such as trash can liners, courier bags, shrink film for boats, retail bags, industrial films, and single wound sheeting. In some cases, company officials report "NuPlastiQ actually strengthens the polyethylene, allowing us to downgauge and thus use even less total plastic in our films and finished products. We've also had no problem recycling the BioBLend XP scrap and regrind that are part of our normal operating procedures." Learn more at

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