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BioLogiQ is committed to protecting the recyclability of plastics

iQ (NuPlastiQ) bio blends with PE/PP/PS are shelf-stable.

There is no degradation/fragmentation mechanism included in iQ (NuPlastiQ).

BioLogiQ has tested iQ (NuPlastiQ) to be compatible with recycling-related processes at various concentrations.

Mechanical: iQ (NuPlastiQ) is made fully compatible with PE/PP/PS ahead of film conversion. Therefore, NPQ present in PE/PP/PS post-consumption goods have already been compatibilized for combined processing


Chemical: “Drop-in” with post-consumer, tested compatible with pyrolysis.

NuPlastiQ bio blends with PLA/PBAT/PHA are not to be considered mechanically recyclable with PE/PP/PS


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