Powered by Plants with the Mission of Reducing Plastic Pollution

Powered by plants, so there’s less pollution

“iQ™” is short for NuPlastiQ®, an innovative plant-based plastic invented by BioLogiQ.

Most of us do our best to recycle, but let’s face it — our waterways, ocean and landscapes are still filling up with plastic waste. We want to give plastic a second life by recycling, but plastic doesn’t always end up where we want it to go.

We can’t wait until plastic has become waste to address the issue. We must start at the beginning. We’re starting by manufacturing NuPlastiQ from plants and making it appetizing to microorganisms. That’s why brands choose iQ to make their products and packaging more environmentally responsible.

iQ Technology helps reduce the persistent pollution that happens when plastic waste leaks into the environment.

A Smart Start

A product bearing the iQ label tells you that it includes a technology powered by plants  and made with a vision for the future.


Less Plastic Pollution

iQ has demonstrated potential to accelerate biodegradation of “normal” plastics via a mechanism that is not fragmentation, reducing the potential for the accumulation of microplastics. 


Without Compromise

NuPlastiQ provides the product experience that you’ve come to expect from “normal” plastics. 


Making Plastics
More Planet-Friendly


Over the last 50 years, plastic usage has increased 20 times, and it is expected to double over the next 20 years.

Our goal is to help make this market more sustainable by reducing the negative impacts of plastic pollution. 


Plastic products made with NuPlastiQ® and our BioBlends® have many benefits to helping our environment and improving sustainability.


NuPlastiQ is a team player. NuPlastiQ blends easily with traditional resins to upgrade their environmental performance. 


In an
Ideal World…

Plastics would be
fully circular with just recycling.

In the
Real World…

Recycling alone is not enough.

Estimated 11 million tons (by Pew) of discarded plastic make their way into the ocean each year.


iQ technology uses nature to accelerate plastics’ biodegradation when leaked, reducing microplastics and pollution accumulation via a mechanism that is not fragmentation and without compromising shelf-stability. 

We Start
With Plants,
Not Petroleum.

BioLogiQ’s NuPlastiQ® BioPolymer is a unique type of thermoplastic resin made with our proprietary iQ Technology process that converts high crystalline starch powder into a low crystalline (mostly amorphous) plastic resin.

NuPlastiQ BioPolymer and BioBlend Resins are shelf-stable, maintaining durability during normal use while accelerating biodegradation of normal plastics via a mechanism that is not fragmentation. 



NuPlastiQ is the evolution of Thermoplastic Starch (TPS). NuPlastiQ blends with legacy resins, as well as bioplastics, to reduce fossil fuel-utilization and improve biodegradation while not compromising durability. 

No special equipment is required for manufacturers to use our resins and there is no increase in labor costs. It simply works.

NuPlastiQ® is your tool for affordable, drop-in biodegradability upgrade


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