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Powered by Plants, So There’s Less Pollution

BioLogiQ has innovative plant-based solutions to promote better sustainability.

Most of us do our best to recycle, but let’s face it — our waterways, ocean and landscapes are still filling up with plastic waste. We want to give plastic a second life by recycling, but plastic doesn’t always end up where we want it to go. Society’s current path is not sustainable.

We can’t wait until plastic has become waste to start to address the issue. We must start at the beginning. BioLogiQ makes several plant-based options that manufactures can select to make their products more planet-friendly and reduce plastic pollution.

BioLogiQ has options to help:

  • Products that improve recycled content
  • Products that leverage durable plant-based content
  • Products that have compostable certification
  • Products that reduce the pollution from traditional plastics

Making Plastics More Planet-Friendly

Although plastics brings many advantages to society, when plastics become uncollected waste it is bad for the planet. Even with our best efforts to recycle, the status quo is not good enough – we need to do more to reduce the negative effects of uncollected plastic waste on our planet.

An honest pursuit of sustainability will enable all of our plastics to have a better plan for sourcing, collection, AND for end of life, and make improved sustainability accessible to everyone around the globe.

BioLogiQ’s plant-based resins are engineered to be a smart start to the manufacturing process, resulting in less plastic pollution, without compromising all of the great benefits of plastics before they become waste.

We Start
With Plants,
Not Petroleum.

BioLogiQ’s BioPolymers are a unique type of thermoplastic resin made with our proprietary and innovative technology process that converts high crystalline starch powder into a low crystalline (mostly amorphous) plastic resin.

DuraPlantiQ and BioBlend Resins are designed to be shelf-stable while in use.



BioLogiQ products are the evolution of Thermoplastic Starch (TPS) blending with legacy resins helping plastic products become more sustainable and planet-friendly.

No special equipment is required for manufacturers to use our resins and there is no increase in labor costs. It simply works.

BioLogiQ Products provide you with ready to use sustainability upgrades.


  • Lomi and BioLogiQ Advance Sustainability Efforts
    Idaho Falls, ID (April 29, 2024) —Lomi, the creators of the world’s first connected food recycler that breaks down organic waste and qualifying compostable products to create nutrient-rich fertilizer, announce their continued commitment to sustainability through the inclusion of biobased content in Lomi line extensions. Beginning May 29, 2024, Lomi Cap will contain NuPlastiQ, a


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