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BioLogiQ is a leading planet-friendly bioplastics company that provides the best plant-based real-world solutions for brands and consumers to reduce the accumulation of plastics pollution in our oceans and the planet

  • Reduces the carbon footprint of plastics its blended with
  • Reduces micro-plastics in the environment
  • Consumers don’t have to compromise on performance to be sustainable
  • NuPlastiQ technology works well with other bioplastics

The Biologiq Story

Interested in learning more about how iQ technology came about?

It all started with potatoes.

In 2011, in the farming community of Idaho Falls (US) BioLogiQ was founded with the objective to create a new bioplastic made from potatoes and created what would become the beginning of iQ Technology.

In addition to creating a sustainable alternative to fossil-based plastics, we also discovered how iQ’s unique properties helped other plastics like PLA, PBAT, and even mainstream plastics, such as polyethylene, polypropylene, and polystyrene, biodegrade faster, leading to innovative solutions.

By 2017 NuPlastiQ became commercially available and was immediately implemented in applications around the world.

BioLogiQ evolved to become a global corporation in 2019, with significant investment from Asia, enabling a 10X capacity scale up with new facilities in Idaho Falls (US) and Shaoguan (China).

BioLogiQ has been a pioneer in biodegradation studies: Since 2017, it has dedicated significant funds to work with 3rd party labs and universities from around the world to move the science of biodegradation forward and further understand how iQ helps reduce the persistence of plastics in the environment.

To protect these innovative solutions we filed comprehensive set of intellectual property across the globe. As a result of these efforts, we have been awarded over 25 patents internationally covering our core technology and have over 50 additional patents pending across the globe.

BioLogiQ’s biopolymer resins and solutions are designed to precisely meet the needs of our customers. Our plant-based NuPlastiQ can be used in the production of plastic products that:

  • Provide relevant sustainability improvements that enhance a brand’s value 
  • Reduce reliance on fossil-resources 
  • Enables the easy addition of bio-content to existing applications 
  • Decrease plastic’s environmental persistency* 



Leverage our value as a sustainability company to influence brands and consumers to make better choices about the plastics they use by providing the best real-world solutions for reducing the accumulation of plastic pollution on our lands and in our oceans.


BioLogiQ helps our customers be successful by providing plant-based products and services that expand their options for recycled and natural sustainable materials.

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