Certified Solutions

Nature has been recycling a lot longer than we have.

In many applications, compostable or biodegradable options can be a great tool to improve sustainability and reduce plastic waste. Items like single-use cutlery, plates, cups, and other food ware and packaging can be engineered to break down in industrial or home compost conditions.

By diverting these food-related items from landfills, it is possible to reduce our carbon footprint and participate in a more circular economy. Along with food scraps, these items can be put through nature’s existing cycle. This can also divert plastic that might otherwise be leaked into the environment to a recycled pathway.

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3rd Party Verified

BioLogiQ has worked with multiple trusted certifying bodies to ensure out products meet biobased and international standards for compostability.

Your customers can be confident that they are providing proven sustainability options.

NuPlastiQ is the Building Block

It starts with our primary building block, NuPlastiQ. NuPlastiQ is our innovative Thermoplastic Starch (TPS) made from 100% plant-based ingredients. We start with starch and convert it from a highly crystalline powder to a more amorphous structure that is compatible with other biopolymers.

NuPlastiQ is intended to be mixed with existing biopolymers. Our technology enables a high degree of compatibility with other compostable or biodegradable resins such as PBAT, PLA, PHA, and PBS. Instead of acting like a filler, NuPlastiQ acts more like a partner resin.

Compostable BC Grades

  • Improved compostability of other biopolymers
  • Certified Compostable
  • PHA, PLA, PBAT,PBS, etc.

Improved Compostability

Fortunately, due to NuPlastiQ’s very rapid degradation rate, NuPlastiQ can enhance the overall biodegradation performance of other resins in applications where this is a desirable condition.

For example, PBAT is often used as an agricultural mulch film; however, its degradation rate in a farm environment is slower than generally desired. Using a NuPlastiQ / PBAT compostable blend, the degradation rate can be designed to be as short as 30-60 days, while still providing crop enhancing features that are required.

We have experience blending NuPlastiQ with a wide variety of other compostable resins such as PLA, PHA, PBAT, PBS and PCL. Please contact BioLogiQ directly to discuss your specific compostable resin material needs and we will help you design a compostable blend for your application.

Certified Product Offerings

ProductTUV OK Compost
Industrial Certificate
TUV OK Compost
Home Certificate
GB/T 19277.1-2011
NuPlastiQ CG-1000NuPlastiQ CG 1000 OK Industrial TUVNuPlastiQ CG 1000 OK Home TUVCG 1000 GBT Test Report
BioBlend® BC 27130BioBlend BC 27130 OK Industrial TUVBioBlend BC 27130 OK Home TUVBC 27130 GBT Test Report
BioBlend® BC 27132BioBlend BC 27132 OK Industrial TUVBioBlend BC 27132 OK Home TUV
BioBlend® BC 27134BioBlend BC 27134 OK Industrial TUV
BioBlend® BC 27240BioBlend BC 27240 OK Industrial TUVBioBlend BC 27240 OK Home TUV

* All tests we performed by independent third-party laboratories. Copies of the reports are available for review. These results may not be applied to all products made using iQ (NuPlastiQ).

Certified Marine Degradable

ProductTUV OK Biodegradable Marine Certificate
NuPlastiQ CG-1000NuPlastiQ CG-1000 Marine TUV

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