CEO Shares Insights on Plant-Based Leadership in Exclusive Interview 

IDAHO FALLS, ID- In a recent exclusive interview with the Plant Based Products Council (PBPC), Steve Sherman, CEO of BioLogiQ, delved into the company’s leadership role in advancing plant-based solutions and sustainable materials. The interview offers valuable insights into BioLogiQ’s mission, groundbreaking initiatives, and commitment to environmental stewardship.  As a pioneering company in sustainable bioplastics,

BioLogiQ, Inc. Joins the Plant Based Products Council (PBPC)

BioLogiQ, Inc., a leading innovator in sustainable bioplastics, has officially gained membership with the Plant Based Products Council (PBPC). This strategic alliance underscores BioLogiQ’s commitment to advancing circular solutions within the rapidly growing plant-based products industry.   PBPC is a non-profit organization advocating for adoption of renewable and sustainable materials, promoting the growth of the plant-based

Stakeholders to Address Urgent Plastic Issues at the Plastic Waste Free World Conference & Expo, 2023

Steve Sherman, CEO of BioLogiQ, was selected as a distinguished speaker at the Plastic Waste Free World Conference & Expo, 2023. Taking place over October 11th and 12th, the conference brought together global leaders, innovators, and stakeholders to address the urgent issue of plastic waste.   With decades of experience bringing innovative solutions to market, Steve

“Plastic Earth” Documentary Debuts on Earth Day

The event drew a crowd of environmental experts and famous faces, including BioLogiQ’s CEO, Steve Sherman. Rob Riggle, known for his work on “The Daily Show,” hosted the documentary. It portrayed how plastic waste is harming oceans, rivers, and animals. The film also highlighted solutions to the plastic waste crisis.   After the movie, the audience

BioLogiQ Addresses Efforts to Reduce Plastic Pollution

On April 7th, 2023, Steve Sherman CEO of BioLogiQ shares with Frontrunners Development CEO, Mary Kurek, the story behind BioLogiQ’s beginning and their innovative work on reducing the plastic accumulation around the world. About Frontrunners Development: Frontrunners Development has a platform dedicated to stirring up business partnerships for our curated innovator/diplomatic community called Frontrunners League.

Steve Sherman Guest Lectures at Clemson University

CLEMSON, SOUTH CAROLINA- Clemson University, Department of Food, Nutrition and Packaging Sciences, welcomed BioLogiQ CEO Steve Sherman on Wednesday to guest lecture in its Packaging Science 8080 Biopolymer Plastics class.  His lecture, entitled, “Trends, Problems, and Solutions in Sustainability-Reducing Pollution Caused by the Accumulation of Plastic in the Environment”, provided the graduate students with industry

‘iQ’ Label Launches for BioLogiQ Customer Base

IDAHO FALLS, ID- “iQ” is an innovative plant-based technology invented by BioLogiQ, Inc that reduces the persistence of uncollected plastic that makes its way into the environment. To provide additional value, the company is launching the new “iQ” labelling program, so BioLogiQ customers can communicate their environmental commitment to consumer bases at large. With the

BioLogiQ® Announces Distribution Partnership with Plastrans

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho, Nov. 16, 2022 - BioLogiQ®, developer of the innovative plant-powered iQ™Technology and NuPlastiQ® Biopolymers, announced today a distribution agreement with Plastrans, Europe’s leading provider of plastic resins. BioLogiQs’ technology is an ideal offering for Plastrans as it provides distribution rights for not just NuPlastiQ, but the XD, XP, XN, and BC BioBlends® developed for various product applications, from

BioLogiQ’s CEO Guest on the Idaho Farm Bureau’s Podcast

This podcast, Dirt Road Discussions, is hosted by Cam Hammond and focuses on all things agricultural. His guest in this episode is Steven Sherman, BioLogiQ’s CEO. Steve discusses a number of important innovations that have made BioLogiQ a leader in the manufacturing of bio-plastics. At the heart of his discussion, Steve shares details of BioLogiQ’s

BioLogiQ’s CEO, Steven Sherman, to Speak at RISE22 – A Research, Innovation, & Engineered Fabrics Conference on September 28, 2022.

Steven Sherman will be a featured presenter during the Sustainable Inputs: Fibers & Biofibers session of RISE22. Steve’s remarks are titled Novel Biobased Resins Outperforming Plastics and Other Biodegradable Biopolymers. His remarks will focus on BioLogiQ’s innovative proprietary thermal gelatinization process wherein a low-cost Thermoplastic Starch material with superior mechanical properties can be produced in