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BioLogiQ® and CMD Partner to Demonstrate How CMD’s Trash Bag Technology and NuPlastiQ® Combine to Produce an Embossed Drawtape Trash Bag with the Strongest Environmental Profile Available

May 4, 2022 (IDAHO FALLS, ID)—BioLogiQ, Inc., a global innovator and manufacturer of plant-powered biopolymers for use in the production of plastic products, and CMD, the global leader of embossed drawtape bag making technology, announced today that CMD’s model 1270GDSE machine using NuPlastiQ in BioBlend® XP can produce embossed drawtape trash bags with one of the strongest environment profiles available. These bags are not only cost effective but help reduce fossil-fuel based content by up to 35%, cut greenhouse emissions by 15-30%, and add strength that can lead to downgauging of finished films by 20-30%.

Steven Sherman, BioLogiQ’s CEO, said “NuPlastiQ is the best drop-in plant-based resin available for polyolefins, and CMD’s machines have shown that it provides the performance profile required by bag manufacturers and the environmental profile desired by consumers.” Sherman continued, “we’re committed to showing the world that NuPlastiQ is the natural solution to the man-made problem of plastics pollution”.

BioLogiQ’s BioBlend XP resins are comprised of up to 50% NuPlastiQ and designed to enhance sustainability metrics when blended with other thermoplastics such as PE, PP, and PS. Watch CMD’s machine transform BioBlend XP into class leading drawtape bags here.

What is NuPlastiQ?

NuPlastiQ is a plant-based 100% natural renewably sourced biopolymer, that can be used as an ingredient in plastic products – made mainly from non-renewable resources such a fossil fuels – that you see every day. NuPlastiQ has been designed to help reduce our carbon footprint and lower greenhouse gas emissions, and it has also been engineered to reduce the accumulation of plastic pollution in our environment and oceans.

Microscopic organisms found in nature (microbes) are attracted to NuPlastiQ, and they will consume it quickly. When NuPlastiQ is blended with regular plastics, it still triggers the appetites of those microbes, but now they’ll also feed on the regular plastics it’s mixed with. NuPlastiQ acts as an appetite trigger for Nature’s bio-toolbox, so that plastic products containing even a small amount of NuPlastiQ will break down in the environment much more quickly and completely than products without NuPlastiQ, making them better for the planet.

About BioLogiQ

BioLogiQ, Inc. is the leading developer and manufacturer of plant-based resins and biopolymers for use in the production of plastic products that enable significant reductions in the use of fossil-fuel and other non-renewable material, the reduction of GHG emissions, and enabling the critical step of helping unlock nature’s own bio-toolbox to attack and breakdown the tons of plastic pollution choking our lands and oceans to create a world free of pollution caused by plastics no matter what plastic it’s blended with.

BioLogiQ’s mission is to become the leading sustainability company by influencing brands and consumers to make better choices about the plastics they use by providing the best real-world solutions for brands to expand their options for sustainable products that in turn provide the highest value and the most significant impact for reducing the accumulation of plastics in our oceans and on our planet.

NuPlastiQ is the sustainable solution to making plastic. It’s the naturally smart choice that enables Nature to do its job to break down the plastic pollution and help heal our planet.