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Pela Announces First Round of Lomi Approved Products; Confirms Plant-Based Fiber Products That Can Turn Into Dirt

Footprint, BiologiQ, Repurpose and Other Products Can Now Be Added to Lomi
June 22, 2022 09:00 ET | Source: Pela

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, June 22, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Pela — the creators of Lomi, an innovative kitchen appliance that breaks down organic waste into nutrient-rich fertilizer in less than 24 hours — announced the first collection of Lomi Approved products today. These products, confirmed through rigorous testing, turn into dirt when added to Lomi.

Footprint is an Arizona-based materials science company that designs, develops and manufactures plant-based fiber solutions commonly used in food packaging, with a goal to eliminate single-use plastics. BioLogiQ, is a recognized global innovator and manufacturer of the plant-based biopolymer NuPlastiQ, for use in the production of plastic products. Repurpose is the leading innovator of sustainable tableware for retail consumers. The full list of products that are part of the Lomi Approved program is available here.

The Lomi Approved designation follows thorough testing performed by Pela’s engineering team to certify the decomposition of various Lomi Approved product materials’ compatibility with the Lomi appliance. As a result, Lomi users are now approved to turn their meat trays, plates, containers and more into dirt by placing them into their Lomi, right alongside food waste.

With more than eight million tonnes of plastic ending up in landfills annually, Lomi users can now take actionable steps by choosing compostable packaging materials, and then directly eliminating both fiber and food waste right from their kitchen counter. The Lomi units sold thus far have the equivalent impact of: 107.6 million trees planted each year, 1.6 million fewer pounds of coal burned and 3.6 million less miles driven.

“It’s exciting to see Pela bringing Lomi’s home composting capability straight to households without the need for widespread infrastructure,” Footprint co-founder and CEO Troy Swope said. “Helping people take charge of creating a healthy planet is very aligned with Footprint’s values and we’re pleased Footprint products are the first to be officially designated Lomi Approved. The future of waste management and a healthier planet includes Pela and the Lomi technology.”

Other brands whose products are included in Pela’s first Lomi Approved announcement include Equo, Eco Products, Treetop Biopak, Gudpod, Invisible Bag, Sunrays Fruits, Likely Packaging, and Nuud Gum.

“The positive Lomi results from products produced by Footprint, BioLogiQ, Repurpose and others, while having their materials be first to be Lomi Approved, is a whole new era for Lomi and the world as we face a significant waste management issue,” said Pela CEO Matt Bertulli. “Since we first began developing Lomi years ago, one of our main goals has been to create a transparent system with like-minded climate innovators where consumers can easily understand which typically landfill-bound products can now be disposed of in environmentally friendly ways.”

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