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BioLogiQ’s CEO Guest on the Idaho Farm Bureau’s Podcast

This podcast, Dirt Road Discussions, is hosted by Cam Hammond and focuses on all things agricultural. His guest in this episode is Steven Sherman, BioLogiQ’s CEO. Steve discusses a number of important innovations that have made BioLogiQ a leader in the manufacturing of bio-plastics. At the heart of his discussion, Steve shares details of BioLogiQ’s NuPlastiQ, a 100% natural material made from starches and naturally sourced glycerin, which, when processed, produces pellets that can be blended with existing plastics. These BioBlends help to create more sustainable plastic products that contribute to everything from the reduction of fossil fuel based materials and greenhouse gas and carbon emissions. Steve also shares the origin of iQ Technology, the primary technology process that is at the heart of everything BioLogiQ creates.