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‘iQ’ Label Launches for BioLogiQ Customer Base

IDAHO FALLS, ID- “iQ” is an innovative plant-based technology invented by BioLogiQ, Inc that reduces the persistence of uncollected plastic that makes its way into the environment. To provide additional value, the company is launching the new “iQ” labelling program, so BioLogiQ customers can communicate their environmental commitment to consumer bases at large. With the new label, brands and manufacturers can better communicate the benefits of the technology to customers and consumers.  

BioLogiQ’s new “iQ” label comes with custom QR codes that help brands and manufactures show their customers there is something different about their product and packaging, and then engage with them in a novel way. 

Benefits from adopting plastics with iQ Technology include: 

  • Plant-based content reduces the need for oil-based resources in plastics production 
  • Reduced carbon footprint when compared to fossil-based plastics (NuPlastiQ resin has a carbon neutral cradle-to-gate carbon footprint)* 
  • Reduced Plastics Pollution: demonstrated potential for quicker biodegradation* under non-typical conditions (ideal ASTM D5511 and D5338) 

For more information about BioLogiQ’s iQ Technology and sustainable bioplastics solutions, visit  

To participate in the iQ Label Program and communicate your brand’s efforts to reduce plastic pollution, visit  

* Similarly to paper, plastics that end up biodegrading will naturally emit greenhouse gases leading to an increased carbon footprint when compared to non-biodegradable plastics.