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“Plastic Earth” Documentary Debuts on Earth Day

The event drew a crowd of environmental experts and famous faces, including BioLogiQ’s CEO, Steve Sherman. BioLogiQ was a contributor to, and consulted on the project. Rob Riggle, known for his work on “The Daily Show,” hosted the documentary. It portrayed how plastic waste is harming oceans, rivers, and animals. The film also highlighted solutions to the plastic waste crisis.  

After the movie, the audience had the opportunity to discuss further with a panel of experts, like Dr. Jenna Jambeck and Dr. Pete Myers, along with Rob Riggle and the directors, Janice Overbeck and Jack Winch. They shared thoughts on the movie and how everyone can help address plastic pollution. 

“We’re thrilled with the response we’ve received for ‘Plastic Earth,” said Janice Overbeck. “The film and the event have helped to raise awareness of the urgent need to take action against plastic pollution, and the panel discussion offered valuable insights into potential solutions.” 

The film can be viewed on Amazon, Apple Movies, and many other streaming sites.