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CEO Shares Insights on Plant-Based Leadership in Exclusive Interview 

IDAHO FALLS, ID- In a recent exclusive interview with the Plant Based Products Council (PBPC), Steve Sherman, CEO of BioLogiQ, delved into the company’s leadership role in advancing plant-based solutions and sustainable materials. The interview offers valuable insights into BioLogiQ’s mission, groundbreaking initiatives, and commitment to environmental stewardship. 

As a pioneering company in sustainable bioplastics, BioLogiQ has been at the forefront of developing eco-friendly alternatives to traditional plastics. In the interview, Sherman discusses how the company is leveraging plant-based materials to mitigate plastic pollution and support rural farming communities.  

Sherman shares BioLogiQ’s vision for a circular economy, highlighting the importance of collaboration and innovation in driving sustainable practices across industries. He emphasizes the need for businesses to prioritize environmental responsibility and adopt sustainable solutions.

The exclusive interview is available on the PBPC website: Plant Based Leaders | BioLogiQ | Plant Based Products Council ( 

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