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Lomi and BioLogiQ Advance Sustainability Efforts

Idaho Falls, ID (April 29, 2024) —Lomi, the creators of the world’s first connected food recycler that breaks down organic waste and qualifying compostable products to create nutrient-rich fertilizer, announce their continued commitment to sustainability through the inclusion of biobased content in Lomi line extensions.

Beginning May 29, 2024, Lomi Cap will contain NuPlastiQ, a 100% biobased resin manufactured by BioLogiQ, Inc.

Lomi accelerates the decomposition of organic waste – similar to how earthworms break down and mix plant tissue into soil – making at-home food waste reduction more accessible. To further encourage waste reduction, they have created the Lomi Approved program to qualify compostable products that can be processed by Lomi.

BioLogiQ, Inc., who is already a Lomi Approved partner for product materials, is teaming up with Lomi to further the bioeconomy by including BioLogiQ biobased materials within Lomi accessories. BioLogiQ is the creator of NuPlastiQ, a biobased resin made from annually renewable materials with a pound-for-pound reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. New Lomi models will incorporate 20% NuPlastiQ within the bucket cap.

Utilizing plant-based material to offset the use of fossil-fuel based plastic is a critical step towards a circular economy: adding or increasing the amount of plant-based content in plastic products lessens dependence on non-renewable sources while also addressing the hidden costs associated with traditional plastics, including environmental and human health concerns.

“I am pleased to announce our continued collaboration with Lomi,” says Kenneth Kramer, President of BioLogiQ. ”Our partnership exemplifies how businesses can progress the circular and bio-economies, lessen our collective dependence on fossil fuels, and still meet the daily needs of consumers. Together, we’re pioneering real world solutions to redefine waste management and plastics production. By merging our expertise, we’re forging a path towards a greener future, where innovation meets sustainability head on.”

About BioLogiQ, Inc.

BioLogiQ Inc. brings new options for more sustainable plastic products, enables significant reductions in the use of fossil-fuel and other non-renewable materials, which in turn contributes to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. Innovations like NuPlastiQ are evidence of BioLogiQ’s vision of a world free of pollution caused by plastic on our lands and in our oceans. For more information on BioLogiQ’s efforts to make plastics more planet-friendly, click here.

About Lomi What if waste was optional? As a Certified B Corporation and a Climate Neutral Certified company, Lomi is on a mission to eliminate 10 billion pounds of waste from the global waste stream by 2028 and convert it into 2 billion pounds of Lomi Earth, a nutrient-rich amendment for soil. Lomi researches and develops the most innovative products toward one goal: to create a waste-free future. To learn more about Lomi, visit