Compostable with iQ

NuPlastiQ expands the envelope of possible compostable applications because it:


Accelerates biodegradation


Has potential to reduce cost of compostable solutions

An area where iQ is helping is Home Composting.

Home, combined with industrial, are efficient ways to return nutrients from food waste to the soil.  And data is driving this increase in enthusiasm and participation.

Composting reduces the need for landfills and tends to have an advantaged carbon footprint when compared to landfilling due to reduction in methane generation, a gas generated during anaerobic biodegradation (without oxygen) with much higher global warming potential than that of carbon dioxide. 

These landfills are some of the biggest emitters of methane gas in the United States. If all Americans composted, it would be equivalent to taking 7.8 million cars off the road.1


iQ Technologies helps accelerate the biodegradation of compostable plastics. NuPlastiQ is TUV certified for MARINE biodegradation and for INDUSTRIAL and HOME composting.