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BiologiQ has invented a process for making homogeneous blends of Eco Starch Resin® (having low crystallinity) with other polyolefins (having high crystallinity). The resulting thermoplastic blend is called a BioBlend®. Since ESR has a higher modulus (strength) than many polyolefins, BioBlends® can be used to make plastic items that are stronger than those made with pure polyolefins. The chemical and mechanical bonds of plastic products made with BioBlends® exhibit beneficial properties from each of the base resin feedstocks.


ESR adds strength and allows for down gauging


Using Eco Starch Resin® (ESR) instead of starch powder to make BioBlends® makes it possible for any plastics product manufacturer to make high-quality sustainable plastic products that have not been possible using starch in the past. Companies that tried to use starch or TPS in the past and were not successful can now easily use BiologiQ’s ESR BioBlend® resins on their existing equipment to make high-quality and high-performance products.

Using BiologiQ’s process on standard compounding machines, BioBlends® can be made for your application without the need for special equipment such as side feeding ports for starch powder injection.

BioBlends® have been successfully made and are in use with many traditional fossil-fuel resins such as LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE, PS, PP, and PBAT, as well as with bio-based resins such as PHA, PLA, and PBS, etc. BiologiQ continues to develop blends with various grades of the many plastic resins available in the marketplace.


ESR improves the performance of recycled polyethylene

Recycled resin should also be considered for your BioBlend® application. Studies have shown that the strengthening characteristics of ESR extends to BioBlends® that contain recycled plastic resins, often resulting in significant performance improvements that enable new markets for these recycled materials.


Benefits of using an ESR/PE BioBlend® containing 25% ESR and 75% Polyethylene to make films and plastic bags. Increased bubble stability and increased film strength enabled by the use of the ESR BioBlend® makes it possible for the film to be down-gauged by 30%, resulting in a 50% reduction in the fossil-fuel resin used to make the bags, without a loss in functionality. This, in turn, reduces the amount of conventional non-degradable polyethylene that ends up in landfills and the ocean.