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Compostable Resin Blends

 iQ (NuPlastiQ) CG-1000 Masterbatch has been granted certification for both INDUSTRIAL and HOME composting by TUV.



With the OK compost INDUSTRIAL certification, customers who use  iQ (NuPlastiQ) resin to produce packaging or products can say that their product uses materials certified for industrial compostability. This label guarantees that  iQ (NuPlastiQ) CG-1000 complies with the requirements set forth by ASTM D6400 (2012) and EN 13432 (2000).

Alternatively, if the customer wants to certify their product and feature the OK compost INDUSTRIAL label on their packaging, they must have their product certified (see the steps outlined below).


OK compost HOME

With the OK compost HOME certification, customers who use  iQ (NuPlastiQ) “masterbatch” to produce packaging or products can say that their product uses home compostable certified materials. Ok compost HOME does not explicitly refer to a certain standard, but lists all technical requirements a product has to meet to obtain certification. It should also be remembered that the requirements of the OK compost HOME program, which were defined in 2003 and have never been questioned since, have served as a pioneer in this field and as a basis for the development of several standards. This label guarantees that  iQ (NuPlastiQ) “masterbatch” complies with the requirements of the EU Packaging Directive ( 94/62/EEC), and as such is biodegradable in a home composting environment.  

Alternatively, if the customer wants to certify their product and feature the OK compost HOME label, they too must have their product certified.

compostable resin blendsdegraded-mulch.jpg

Fortunately, due to iQ (NuPlastiQ) very rapid degradation rate, iQ (NuPlastiQ) can enhance the overall biodegradation performance of other resins in applications where this is a desirable condition. For example, PBAT is often used as an agricultural mulch film; however, its degradation rate in a farm environment is slower than generally desired. Using a  iQ (NuPlastiQ) / PBAT compostable blend, the degradation rate can be designed to be as short as 30-60 days, while still providing crop enhancing features that are required.

We have experience blending  iQ (NuPlastiQ) with a wide variety of other compostable resins such as PLA, PHA, PBAT, PBS and PCL. Please contact BioLogiQ directly to discuss your specific compostable resin material needs and we will help you design a compostable blend for your application.

compostable resin blends

Conventional Plastics are shown in the top left quadrant. All three other quadrants are bioplastics.

Some bioplastics are not biodegradable (most are) and some fossil-fuel plastics are biodegradable (most are not). Any plastic that decomposes into natural elements because of microbial activity as verified by testing according to one of the ASTM test methods can be called and is considered to be biodegradable within the time limits and amounts as verified by the specific test method

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