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Documents and Reports

This page contains links to documents and reports that may be useful when developing products containing BioLogiQ’s NuPlastiQ® BioPolymers. The Technical Data Sheets and Safety Data Sheets contained here are only for standard products that we sell – please contact the factory for documents related to custom products.


NuPlastiQ BioPolymers

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    Grade Density (g/cm3) MFI (200°C@5kg)
TDS SDS GS270                          1.4 1.98


1.4 1.98

BioBlends® are generally made to customers specific requirements. Those listed on this page are standard masterbatches consisting of 50% NuPlastiQ and 50% of the additional resin, which we can ship from stock. Please contact the factory for your specific requirements and your choice of resin to be blended with BioLogiQ’s NuPlastiQ.

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    Grade Type Typical Use Density (g/cm3) MFI (g/10min)
TDS SDS AG203070 NuPlastiQ/PBAT Mulch Film      
TDS SDS AG204060 NuPlastiQ/PBAT Mulch Film      
TDS SDS BF202050 NuPlastiQ/LLDPE Blown Film 1.16 0.25 190°C@2.16kg
TDS SDS BF300000 NuPlastiQ/PBAT Blown Film 1.3 2.75 - 4.25 190°C@2.16kg
TDS SDS JM273050 NuPlastiQ/PLA Injection Molding 1.3 - 1.32 19.73 210°C@2.16kg
TDS SDS MB207050 NuPlastiQ/PP Injection Molding      
Processing Guides

The following processing guides are provided as basic information to assist with initial trials using NuPlastiQ and NuPlastiQ BioBlends®. Please contact the factory for additional information or guidance as required.

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Guide Name Language  
NuPlastiQ/LLDPE Film Processing Guide ENG CH JP
NuPlastiQ/PBAT Film Processing Guide ENG CH JP
Degradation Test Results

We consider biodegradation testing to be very important and continue to test multiple variations of our NuPlastiQ materials and BioBlends®.  A structure is considered to be fully biodegraded during a test when it has reached or exceeded 90% biodegradation according to that test. The reports here will be added to and updated as new data is available.

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Test Method Material Material Type Results Status
ASTM D6400 GS270 Pellets and milled plaque Pass Complete
EN13432 GS270 Pellets and milled plaque Pass Complete
ASTM D5526 30% NuPlastiQ / LLDPE w/ Bioadditive 1.0 mil film 80.3% @ 834 days Ongoing
ASTM D5511 30% NuPlastiQ / PBAT 1.1 mil film 66.4% @ 349 days Ongoing
ASTM D5511 40% NuPlastiQ / LLDPE 1.0 mil film 95.8% @ 349 days Complete
ASTM D5511 20% NuPlastiQ LLDPE 0.9 mil film 50.5% @ 95 days Ongoing
ASTM D5338 25% NuPlastiQ / LLDPE 1.0 mil film 97.2% @ 370 days Complete
ASTM D5338 40% NuPlastiQ / LLDPE 1.0 mil film 90.7% @ 370 days Complete
ASTM D6691 30% NuPlastiQ / PBAT 1.0 mil film 37.6% @ 121 days Ongoing
Typical Test Methods
  1. ASTM D5526 - Commercial landfill - Anaerobic Digester
  2. ASTM D5511 - Commercial landfill - Anaerobic Digester
  3. ASTM D5338 - Industrial compost - Aerobic Digester
  4. ASTM D6691 - Marine Degradation
  5. ASTM D6400 - Compostability